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Pivot on calculated record-level fields

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The new pivot functionality in v9 is great, however it can only pivot on fields that exist in the data source. I'd like to be able to pivot on calculated record-level fields in the data source.


Here are a couple of use cases:


  • Duplicating data. There are various situations where we need to duplicate the data source (customizing grand totals, changing location of grand totals, showing a filtered & unfiltered total in the same view, using densification to make a unit chart, etc.). If I can add additional columns to the data source such as column 1 and column 2, then I can use the existing pivot. However that's not always possible, so if I could create calculated fields then I could generate the pivot to duplicate the data source. (Of course, if Tableau offered a way to do a UNION of data sources this wouldn't be necessary).
  • Split-and-pivot. Let's say I've got a field with multiple values in it, like Genre for a movie or book. In Tableau v9 we can do a split on that field, which creates additional calculated fields, but we can't then pivot on it to make that field a full dimension. This somewhat covers this Idea


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