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Remember "Include External Files" setting for entire workbook or published data source

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What I'd like is a setting when publishing a workbook that lets me turn *off* the Include External Files option for the entire workbook or data source, so that any & every file-based data source is kept as a live connection, and remember that setting no matter what.


Given a file-based data source that is a live connection, every time the workbook is published we have to turn off the Include External Files option. That means that every time I download the workbook from Server, make a change, then re-publish the workbook, I have to remember to click off the Include External Files option then click Yes to the prompt that comes up. Using a Tableau Server published data source has the same problem, in that edits to the original data source require the same additional "turn off and click Yes" series of steps every time the workbook is published.


It's a low-grade annoyance that turns into embarrassment when I make a change and then forget to turn off Include External Files and publish static data. I want an option to turn that off so I don't get any more egg on my face, or have to scramble to get the right data published before anyone notices my error.


[edited 20150325 to change the title to reflect @kettan's suggestion, and cleaned up some wording.]


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