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Chart Formatting or re-position For High Space Utilization on dashboards

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It would be very helpful if we can re position the charts like pie charts , i.e should be able to move the chart left ,right ,up, down


For example: we have a floating sheet with pie-chart in it , when we try to place the color card, pie-chart and card overlaps , It would

     be good if we can move the pie with in the sheet  left to adjust the color card , This option will enable developers to have high Space utilization.



It would also be very helpful if we have transparency shading for panes/sheets in dashboards , so that we can see the visualization over the background images(By keeping the images as tiled and remaining sheets as floating)

transparent sheets on dashboard.PNG

    i.e If the foreground Floating sheets are set to transparent. then, only the visualization has to be projected over the

background tiled sheet. This will give the visualization more effectiveness and more presentable.





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