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Tableau 8.2.1

Hello. I found some error in enterpreting data fields and their role in following aggregation depends on letter case.


BUG: There are overlapping of labels in the tables ("pic1.png").

I reproduce the bug with small excel file ("Local and case.xlsx")

I made some research and found that the behaviour of this bug depends on several factors:

1) Connect live or use the extract -> It change the remote type of fields (If use an extract - ANSI/MBCS character string, if live - Unicode character string)

2) Workbook locale (English or Russian) -> it change locale of fileds.


Overall - 4 cases. All of them with screenshots are listed at "screens.pptx"

In the end i want to add, that i can't reproduce it into both 8.1 and 8.0 Tableau. Because of changing of WB locale on RUssian doesn't  change field's locale on Russian. It keeps english locale. You can see it on the 4 bottom slides in "screens.pptx"


I found solution for me in this situation, but i think, that the difference of string comparison with different remote type (unicode or ANSI) can make something crazy. Complete research of this situation took 2 work days.

It is very awfull that isn't allowed for user to manage string comparison type (case-insensitive or binary case-sensitive).


Idea: make some switcher on case sensitivity before establishing connection to the source.


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