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Date period dimension type with built-in row split

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Please add a special dimension type for date intervals which automatically splits itself into multiple rows when period crosses matched calendar periods.



  1. Because it is much needed as documented in  FAQ: Open & Close Dates
  2. To avoid workarounds with custom SQL:
    • which has a high learning curve
    • which is poorly supported in Tableau
    • which is not supported by cloud solutions such as  The specified item was not found.
  3. Because I think Tableau can optimize this much better from inside in comparison with the multitudes of rows returned when all date periods are pre-reshaped before dataset is connected to Tableau.
  4. Because Tableau is about making difficult technical issues easy for non-technical users



It could work something like this:

Date period dimension type with built-in row split 3.png



Date period as multiple marks

FAQ: Open & Close Dates

The Cross Join Collection

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