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Request for a graph:  Network graphs

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Tableau community, I need your help in getting this request fulfilled.  Thank you for Voting for this idea.

Tableau software, I need your help in getting this added to your roadmap.

Nothing can replace a network graph for displaying relationships between objects.
Adding a Network Graph to your wonderful tool would be a natural progression.  It’s one of the few basic graphs, and the only basic graph that Tableau cannot yet do without a long 'work around'. 
--> What we need is for Tableau to automatically build a network graph based on relationships. <--
Importance of network graphs
  1. If you look up Graph Theory on Wikipedia, they are using network graphs to pull in readers. 
  2. Zach Watson writes about “The 5 Most Common Data Relationships Shown through Visualization” and sure enough, Network Graphs make the Top 5!
  3. Google Fusion Tables has made sure to include them.
  4. Gephi and NodeXL both have them available.
The 'work around' :
The Problem with the above link is you need to assign coordinates for each object.   You’ve such an intuitive tool; it sells its self because of the speed it can analyze data.  It’s almost shame the above time consuming directions are the only solution.  The good news, you can easily improve this!
I’m a founding member of my companies TUG, our Dec 2014 meeting we had 207 people attend.  I was able to talk to a lot then about Network Graph and the need for them.  I also talked with our Tableau sales rep, customer advocacy and local tech: They suggest posting here would get the best results.

Thank you for reading this request and helping us get these charts!


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