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Show and document how to build active workbook

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Please add features that step-by-step document the shortest route on how one can re-build active workbook.



Screen replay of current worksheet to new worksheet  with comments

Screen replay of current workbook to new workbook

Export screen replay definition file (so one quickly can make a new workbook)

Export built-in self-documentation to a descriptive document (html, odt, docx, pdf, etc)

Option to choose individual worksheet(s), dashboard(s), or all workbook

Option to control speed of replay (when automatic)

Option to pause and go back or forward manually

Option to jump to "chapters" such as connect to data, calculated fields, and build view

And no doubt many other things too



It saves time documenting workbooks

It saves time re-creating workbooks

It makes it easier to learn Tableau

It makes it less difficult to understand unfamiliar workbooks

It makes it easier to share one's knowledge with others



I have been thinking about automatic self-documentation for some time, but was encouraged to request this now by reading  David Walp's  interesting idea in  Please document your content!



Pill comment as tooltip

Show and document pill dependencies


Tableau Scripting Engine

Tableau "PowerPoint Mode"

Please document your content!

Learning Tableau


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