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tableau server - delete "Default Folder"

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It would be useful if we could delete the default folder on the Tableau Server so we can force users to put their workbooks in the correct folder.


This isn't possible in 8.1



Comment from David Manning below as interim workaround:


"It's true that you can't get rid of it, but if you remove all of its permissions (leaving only All Users with all inherited positions) only server administrators will be able to see it.  No one will be able to publish to it."



Default name behaves differently. Whenever we run a perf-monitoring for a site named "Default" it errors saying no such site found.

So default site appears as named "Default" but when we query for "Default" in tabadmin it would never hit the real Default Site.

Its similar to the episode of "Null"

NULL: In data its actually an empty cell which is displayed as "NULL" in tableau, so when you query by the keyword NULL, it can't show something that was Null.


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