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Updated Tableau Version History

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Please continually keep  Tableau's Pace of Innovation  updated and make it easy to find.

Currently every version older than 8.3 isn't linked. Archive (Looking for more) only covers version 8.3.



It is cozy to read

It strengthens faith in Tableau as a tool with a future

It gives an impression of what might come next

It provides quick overview when deciding if a minor server upgrade is worth the effort

Knowing the pace is helpful info for those considering to use Tableau

Easier to help in the forum when questioners ask for this kind of information


Seeing pace of innovation changes unhappiness about what is missing to happiness about what is done and increases faith in that this good course of progress continues. This makes it easier to keep existing and attract new customers.



Learning Tableau Ideas

Release News

Release Notes

Tableau Historic Releases



2019     2019.1
20182018.3    2018.2    2018.1    10.5
201710.4    10.3    10.2
201610.1    10.0    9.3
20159.2    9.1    9.0
20148.3    8.2
20138.1    8.0
20106.0    5.2    5.1
20084.1    4.0
20073.5    3.0
20062.1    2.0


Andrei Pandre  about Tableau's history:

2013-2015  Part 4: Tableau the Leader
2011-2013  Part 3: Tableau competes
2008-2010  Part 2: Tableau wins with free Reader, Tableau Public
2003-2007  Part 1: Tableau’s self-intro


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