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Improve sorting in quick filters

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Please improve sorting in quick filters, such as:


  1. Add option for sorting in quick filters
    Because it is faster, easier and more intuitive than duplicating a date field and sorting it in its
    default properties

  2. Allow sorting on (quick) filter shelf to be independent of the same field on other shelves
    Because this allows ascending sorting in view and descending sorting in quick filter

  3. Support true sorting of dates
    Because this allows sorting of grouped dates (month, year, mdy etc) inclusive locale naming in the mmmm yyyy format

  4. Define manual sorting by matching it with a predefined list
    Because this saves time and reduces errors. See example of need in  sorting in the Quick Filter

  5. Allow sorting of calculated fields
    So quick filters can be sorted for scenarios such as  Re: FAQ:  Sorting dates in quick filters


There are more quick filter sorting improvements needed than those mentioned above which you may like to up-vote:


6.  sort descendingAbility to Display "Quick Filters" in Descending Order2013-02-28Lee Kamar
7.  manual sortAllow the items in a Filter to be arranged in any arbitrary fashion_2013-05-09_Gordon Bennett_
8.  predefined sortNeed ability to add filter/value not present yet in dataset2013-07-24Jason Olenick
9.  sort by measure_Specify sort order of elements in quick filters2013-08-02Matt Keranen


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