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Functions for Theoretical Distributions

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Functions for Theoretical distributions such as the normal, student-t, chi-squared in the form of either cumulative density function (CDF) or probability density function (PDF)


I appreciate there are several ideas floating around for better integration with stats packages (R etc) however I would really like to see built-in functions for calculating theoretical distributions typically CDF and PDF.


There are several posts hanging around regarding this though rarely is a work-around found; I've managed to pull together a working one and two-tailed CDF (attached) though it would be very more preferable to see these as built-in functions such as (dare I say) Excel - even the Windows Calculator offers statistical calculations.


Over the course of this post (Calculate normal distribution) we have identified the following functions would be very useful and quite quick to perform and program into Tableau though I expect there could be others that could also be incorporated:


  • CDF & PDF
  • Student T squared
  • chi squared
  • Snedecor's f distribution


The obvious benefit here would see users remaining entirely within Tableau rather than use a 3rd party tool or stats package to provide these functions, also in instances where access to Tableau Server is restricted so R-server or R-portable cannot be installed, statistical analyses can continue to remain and be offered for reporting.


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