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Tooltips for individual dimensions

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Please make it possible to show tooltips in dimension items wherever they appear (views, quick filters, parameters, legends, etc.)



The associated tooltips could be stored:

  • locally in the twb
  • in a tooltips library (like shapes)
  • in a table (associated via left join or data blending)


It would be nice if tooltip supported html and thus could include links to more information.



Because it makes it much easier for dashboard consumers to understand individual dimension items.



Please notice: Only one tooltip will be shown while hovering an item and the grey circle will not be displayed.

idea 3796 Tooltips for individual dimension items.png

Ps. I was tempted to add a tooltip inside the tooltip we have today (top right in screenshot), but didn't, because I thought it would make the mockup unnecessary complicated to understand. That said, it would be nice if this also was possible.



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