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Have "Range of Date" slider update to most recent date

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Right now if you add a quick filter for a continuous date you have 3 options.

  • Range of dates
  • At least
  • At Most


These don't work that well for data the updates frequently.


If you choose 'at least' then as you get new data it will be displayed, but it limits the users ability to select a specific date range. They can only select the start date. So looking for old data will mean they have to see a lot.


Most users seem to prefer being able to select a range of dates. If I want to see what sales did in Q1 2008 the range of dates options lets them specify the start and end of date and isolate the data I want to look at.


The problem is that as you get new data, the 'range of values' quick filter stays at the same dates. It's very easy to forget you have to drag the slider to view the new data. Or if you're managing workbooks on a server you would have to manually update this on the workbook for users.


It would be nice if we could use "at least" so new data automatically gets displayed when it's added, but if needed users can also select an ending date.


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