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Translate Dashboards Text (Localisating Dashboards)

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I did a quick search on this topic but I think it would be great to be able to localise the text on a Dashboard i.e. have translations capabilities.


Use Case: we have Dashboards which are used globally and the data that is returned depends on the country that the user is from. However the text on the Dashboard is hardcoded to the language of the developer - in our case English.


It would be great to be able to provide a language translations.


For example, if we have the following in the Text, Axis Heading or any other place we would like to have a place to enter in Dashboard translations i.e


This Dashboard Shows Sales AmountSpanishThis Dashboard Shows Sales Amount
This Dashboard Shows Sales AmountGermanDas Dashboard zeigt Sales Amount
This Dashboard Shows Sales AmountFrenchCe tableau de bord affiche Montant des ventes


And then the dashboard would reflect the text depending on the locale associated with the user.


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