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Action Filters via Parameters Menu

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It would be very useful if filter actions could set parameter values and parameters could set filterable actions.



When building complex dashboards, it's not difficult to end up with filter actions that target multiple sheets that all come from different data sources. It can be tricky to maintain a long list of target sheets with their specific filter field settings.


If the filter action could set a parameter(s) in addition to picking target sheets, then the target sheets could have filters that reference the parameter. You could have a much simpler and maintainable, less brittle, set of actions, and spend less time taking old broken actions off filter shelves.


I'm imagining something along the lines of how you specify the URL in a URL action, except that you could choose to set a value for more than one parameter.


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--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Feature released with Tableau 2019.2









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