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Ability to stop a worksheet data extract - Tableau Server

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I love the ability to stop a data source query while you are in a worksheet.  But, there is no option to stop other processes, such as extracting worksheet results to an Excel file.


I have run into several instance where I attempt to extract data from a worksheet, and all of my CPU cycles are taken up (freezes up my machine), the extract process continually runs, then my machine eventually crashes (or I need to kill Tableau from Task Manager - If I can get Task Manager to run.)


There are also instances where my users accedently request a larger data set return than expected, from the Table Server.  It would be great if the user had an option to stop the data source query (exactly like the ability to stop a query on the desktop Tableau).




I would like to have the ability to stop any (or as many as possible) Tableau processes  (Similar option, in the way you can stop a worksheet update.) To have the ability to stop a query from the Tableau Server.


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