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Support TIME data type of SQL Server

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I m using Tableau Desktop. I connect to Microsoft SQL Server Table that uses the TIME data type for 2 fields Cstarttime and Cendtime.

Now it may be either TIME (m/d/yyyy) or DATETIME (m/d/yyyy h:m:s)

When I connect to tableau and open the table , the data list built by Tableau does not show either of these two fields were unavailable for reporting.

The database admin says that TIME was introduced as a data type in SQL Server 2008. This is a big problem for all. Tableau Support advised they do not support the MS SQL Time data type and told me to change the column type to VARCHAR or INT.


That is now a show-stopper as the reason for using Tableau is BI seamlessly from data tables for analysis.

IF anyone has a better work-around I am open, as this is a real problem for all. I hope it was fixed soon.


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