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auto-resize embedded Tableau iframe to size of Tableau report content

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Right now, you have to specify a precise size for the width and height of an embedded Tableau iframe or when using
tableauSoftware.Viz from Javascript. I would like to be able to specify "auto" for width and/or height passed into tableauSoftware.Viz and have the iframe containing the embedded Tableau report automatically resize to the dimensions of that report.
This should be done in a way that works for cross-domain embedding (otherwise, I could do it myself from the container side), and it should work even when there is more than one tableauSoftware.Viz instance on the page.
iFrameResizer is an MIT-licensed project that provides this functionality, but it requires iframeResizer.contentWindow.min.js to be included within the embedded page (and tableauSoftware.Viz would ideally be modified to handle the embedder side of the coin).


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