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Set Session Idle Time by User

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We have setup a large format display outside of the elevator on the executive floor of our office so the management can monitor the health of our company.  We have a very nice dashboard with several general metrics on the main page and a couple other pages for more specific metrics.  Although the dashboard has really useful information, the dashboard itself has some issues.


The main issue we have is session idle time (wgserver.session.idle_limit).  This is an all or nothing setting, meaning every user is attached to the same setting.  Right now it's set at 30 minutes.  Increasing this number will mean that all users will be able to persist a connection for the specified time holding up resources.  The service account that we have setup to log into the dashboard with is also limited to this idle time session so whenever a user approaches the dashboard to interact with it, it prompts them to re-login...which no one but the administrator knows the service account password.


My suggestion would be to either:

     A.  Have a "tableau service account" that does not subscribe to the session idle time.  This user can then be used to login to an interactive dashboard and will never be prompted again for the password.




     B.  Have multiple session.idle_time system parameters that you can set by individual, group, site, service account, etc...


Thanks for listening.


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