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User-defined metadata automatically assigned

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Please make it possible to assign various workbook metadata automatically when connecting to data.


Examples of workbook metadata:


Field:  alias, type (dimension or measure), data role (continuous or discrete), comments, default format, data type, sort order, geographic role, default aggregation, default total,  multiple aliasestooltips


Dimension Member:  color, shape, alias,  tooltips



It saves time

It eases reuse

It reduces number of naming errors

It lessens tiring and demotival repetitions

It makes it easier to stay longer in a pleasant flow



Add folder to the repository where we can store workbook metadata definition (twmd) files.

Make it possible to associate a .twmd file with a data source while connected to it.

Allow limitation of definition to specific data source and or table.

The XML format seems like a good format for this as illustrated  here.

Tableau defaults are used when definition isn't found.

Include an option to export a workbook's metadata to a new .twmd file.

Allow import of metadata from any (similar) workbook – a visual master definition file.

Make it possible to mass update existing workbooks and extracts on Server.

Make easy-to-use user-interface for maintaining the metadata files.



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