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Global settings for Null as Blank

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The primary objective is to have a date field that can be treated like a date in a pivot (i.e., can be optionally displayed as YYYY, YYYY-MM, etc...) but shows a blank instead of Null for NULL values.


Preferably this is a global setting rather than derived from a calculated field (creating a calculated field on every field is cumbersome). 


One option to set it by field in the default properties of the right click popup, and another option to set it for all fields in a data source and / or all fields in all data sources (from the Data menu, set for each data type / all data types).




For a calculated field as described in "Replacing Null Literals", the calculation does not work on a date field:


IFNULL([date time field containing nulls], 'string to replace the null literal')


"IFNULL is being called with (date,string), did you mean (date,date)?"




This is cleaner and helps the user focus on fields with values.  It apparent in this simple example, and more so in real applications utilizing multiple date fields.


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