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Scheduling Extract refresh on businees days

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Hi Team:


In the real working environment specailly with financial institute data comes from different vendors like below table .So from the initial stage this data get refined and loaded into specified datamarts within the organization,to do that we adopt some ETL tools like informatica,cognos,sql loader etc.lets consider an example on 3rd business day (as per below table) I have data from "ABS" source system now to maintain the consistancy we schedule the ETL to trigger on 3rd business day of each month which load data to specified application data mart.

Now here  tableau comes in picture .I have one dashboard which consume data from source system "ABC".but tableau dont have any such scheduling scheme where we can refresh extract on any specific business day(I am considering the business day count (after deducting non business day+national holidays+non working days).


By CA-7 schedular(provided by mainframe (IBM) ) informatica jobs can be scheduled based on business day,non business days,working hours,non working hours,including national holidays,excluding national holiday and most important condition based(like if job A status=done then run job B else Job C default exit)its just an example.




Source system nameavailability
ABS3rd business day
FDR8th busness day
SLA11th business day
PWR12th business day


tableau can work on this feature on two ways.

1.Either tableau can developed  this feature on its own product


2.tableau can integrate its scheduling with other tool like CA-7 schedular prvided by Mainframe(as informatica did)


I am expecting that tableau has a great advantage of extracts but I think this needs to refresh based on some condition or in some specific businees days.


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