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Display all values of a dimension in a worksheet title

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When there are more than 3 values for a discrete dimension in the view or a dimension used as a Quick Filter, Tableau changes the title to "item 1, item 2, item 3 and N more" as in this view from Superstore Sales:


2014-02-07 13_27_32-Tableau - Book2.png


It's possible via table calculations to generate a list of all values such as in this view 15. Making a String List, however that requires having the dimension in the view (on Rows, Columns, Pages, or Marks Card) and that can introduce tremendous complexities in the Quick Filter scenario when the dimension increases the level of detail and then requires table calculations to reduce the level of detail for the desired output. It's also possible to create a separate worksheet with only the needed level of detail, but that can run into problems with output as noted in Displaying All Values of a Dimension in Dashboard/Worksheet Title.


I'd like Tableau to have the option to override that default of only showing up to 3 values and allow a higher number of them, including All values.


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