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Export data source field descriptions/comments in a list

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To simplify the documentation of our data sources and / or dashboards, it would be nice if we could export the fields along with their information, so we would end up with an output that looks something like:


FieldRoleTypeRemote ColumnCommentFormulaDefault Aggregation


Discrete DimensionDatabase Column[Source].[Dim1]Custom Description
Dim2Discrete DimensionCalculated FieldCustom DescriptionCASE [Dim1] WHEN ...
Meas1Continuous MeasureDatabase column[Source].[Meas1]Custom DescriptionSum
Meas2Continuous MeasureCalculated fieldCustom DescriptionMeas1Avg


This is especially important for me since I intend to create several large data extracts that would be used by many end users. I'm currently filling this information into a Sharepoint list, but since most of this is already generated by Tableau I'm sure it can be done more efficiently!


- Daniel


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