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Backward compatibility (v. 10.5)

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I recently posted this question in the forum:


Re: Can new release be compatible with at least the same major version?


And Tracy suggested to add it as an idea.


What I would like to see happening is that when I open a workbook in Tableau Desktop, if the version is "newer", it should still try to open it, and warn the user that some features from that specific workbook might be lost since they are features not present in the current version.


Why is that important? The best example is 8.1. We got an 8.1 build, I opened a workbook in it, and when I saved it, it was upgraded to 8.1. I was not able to open it or publish it to 8.0.3, nor 8.0.6. And guess what? a bug was found in 8.1 and we were told not to use it, and to wait for 8.1.1.


In the meantime, we had to revert to 8.0.6. But now, that workbook couldn't be opened in it anymore (we've saved it with 8.1).


Now, I'm thinking as an OEM, looking forward.


I will, as an OEM, be impatient to test all new releases that come out. I will be trying to push our customers to move along with us to new versions. But some might be reluctant, or might be slow to move forward.


I think being able to work with, let's say, Desktop version 9, and be able to either "Save As 8.1, 8.0" would be nice, or even better, if version 8.2 would be able to open version 9.0 or 9.1 or 10 (or at least attempt to) would be great.




--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Improved workbook version compatibility released with Tableau 10.5

( Feature 76894 ) Tableau 10.5 Features | Tableau Software

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