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"Excel Like" Sorting - a child's play

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We all agree that: "Sorting needs to be easy as a Child's Play"

We also agree that: "Sorting in Tableau is Painful"


since the dawn of mass computing, which was 30+ years ago, people got used to this capability of "easy sorting: which was proposed by basic softwares such as Lotus 1-2-3, Excel 2.0 etc.


Now Tableau being an advanced BI tool has such a poor sort which is quiet weird.


Sorted Pills never show accurate sort when data updates, context/non-context filters mess up the sort, sorting based on left-most pill is not good especially when re-positioning the pill on dashboard results in mismatch sort, partition based sorting is confusing and hide/unhide sorted pills is not accurate either, Complex sorting is worst of all, not to mention Simple Sorting is not so reliable when underlying data got refreshed,


Its a fruitless waste of time for tableau developer when sort cannot work at all.


All in all it gave a frustrating experience with sorting.


WHY ????



(1) Give Tableau the ability to do "Excel Like" sort. It should be able to sort any column and based on any logic.

(2) Multiple column sort is needed, a sort order should be generated based on the order of the columns you selected.

(3) Sort for secondary blended columns, with or without context filter.






-->Community Manager update Apr 4 2019 [Ciara Brennan]

Please see note below by Ewald Hofman

I am Ewald Hofman, a Program Manager for Tableau and looking into this feature. We are interested in hearing about your use cases.

Could you please send a screenshot of the table(s) that you expect to sort or your workbook (twbx) to me (ehofman_at_tableau_dot_com).

A little text what you expect to click on and what you think should happen would help tremendously to determine whether our current thinking will solve your needs.


--> Community Manager update July 19th 2019 [Ciara Brennan]

In relation to this idea Harveen Kathuria in our Dev team is keen to sign up some users for some Alpha Testing of a new feature in development. If you are a Tableau Desktop user that authors and consumes a lot of tables in Tableau, we would love to hear from you

The testing will involve providing survey feedback (ideally within 7 business days), and possibly getting on a call with Harveen.

If this is something you would be interested in, please reach to Harveen via direct messaging on the forum or via email at


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