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Fix <Data Update Time> so it's accurate

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"When was the data on this dashboard last updated?" This is perhaps the most common question of data workers.  If you use Tableau Online, you may start hearing this question A LOT from your users because the <Data Update Time> does not actually get updated when your on-premise data is refreshed through Tableau's recommend use of command line tools found here:


This means that if your data sources are on premise (say SQL Server, or Excel), there's no simple way to display to the user: "Last Updated: 11/4/2013 4:00pm" on the title of your dashboard unless you manually republish your data source every 15 minutes.  I just went through this unfortunate discovery through Tableau Support until this issue was labeled a "feature request". 


Tableau is far too good to not fix an oversight like this.  Please vote this up so it can get fixed ASAP! 


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