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Carry your identity: Registered email id should be allowed to change as well!

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Dear All,


I want to place before you some thoughts:


My name is 'Murali Krishna Govindu' and I have been to this site forums as often as I could since I am also in BI Space and use Tableau as part of my IT projects dashboard tools.  I promote Tableau naturally because of its unmatched qualities in my BI/ IT Project executions.


I have registered to this forum when I was briefly in association with a company, unfortunately, using their email id (personalized with my name) as I paid more attention towards my dashboards and project success spirit.  By the time I realized, I found that I am deeply into Tableau dashboards and was trying to set right the credentials with my own email id by replacing the originally registered email but Tableau Community Support team didn't agree on the name of their policies!


I have full access to this site (as of now), but wonder if this company can modify or delete any of my activities as I am using the initially registered email as my log-in and my password.


I was told by the officials from Tableau Community Support either to email them from the email I registered i.e., from this Company given email id or go for a new one using my choicest credentials.  I originally brought this matter beginning of Sep.'13 and before as well but nothing came up until today on the policies of Tableau.  Had I been helped earlier with this clarity by Tableau, I would have been succeeded to send an email from my originally registered Company's email for replacement of my new email id.  Now, my point is Why do you (Tableau Community Support) promote creating new identity for those who already has an Identity, why don't you understand and act accordingly rather than making me loose my activity, id, content and effort, especially, when I have still full control of the Tableau log-in credentials!!


I am sure, I am not alone in this boat.  Due to several reasons one may loose their registered email id, but their log-in credentials on Tableau would be still good to make changes.  I do understand the point what happens when the lost email id from a wrong hands comes back to Tableau claiming the identity, I am hopeful in this era, there are more simple terms than forcing an identity to lose and re-create one in a forced Tableau policy process.  My request is to see the Tableau to protect the hard built history/ content atleast!


Thanking you,




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