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Option to Stop Running Background Tasks

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Hi Tableau Team,


You guys really doing good job and tableau is getting enhanced version by version release.


I have a suggestion/Idea. I am sure that many users have asked for the same feature.


Can we please have some option in Tableau Admin page to stop the Running Background Tasks. It would be really helpful when any tasks is started. Can we think of designing the concept as below.


1. Add some page or section in Admin Maintenance Page

2. After the background tasks is got into the queue, the tasks should run after 30 seconds or 60 seconds wait time.

3. Lets us have 2 options, Stop and Force Kill. The stop will  stop the task in queue, whereas Force Kill will completely kill the instance of Background task and release the entities.


It would be nice to see the visual in future release of Tableau. It is really painful to stop the background tasks when the tasks started running.





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