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Support a Data Grid in Show Me

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Tableau cannot display a simple grid of existing data (otherwise referred to as a flat table or a straight table) of the sort beloved by millions of Excel users.  This limitation has been discussed in multiple threads but I have not seen an idea raised against it (as proposed by Joe Mako at the end of this thread).


This blog post describes a similar example:


one of my client's current projects is creating a Tableau report replica of an existing HTML table sourced from a MS Analysis Services cube that formats the single value differently depending upon the value of one of the cube's hierarchy members, i.e. "99.9%", "99.9", or "99h 99m" – there is no good Tableau solution to this, the best I've been able to come up with is a Frankensteinian monstrosity that clumsily cobbles together multiple worksheets into a single dashboard


Other requirements:


  • Sorting should work as expected with calculated fields.
  • One should be able to freeze selected rows and columns similarly to Excel, so that one can scroll in both directions without losing contextual information.


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