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Highlight action scrolls to target

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I've noticed something frustrating about the highlight action. I have one set up with Super Store, where clicking an "Order ID" in a table sheet highlights the appropriate "Category" in a horizontal bar chart. However, the "Category" chart's size is formatted so that only the top half of the categories rows show up. The user must scroll to see the bottom half.


What's problematic about the highlight action is that, if an Order ID value is highlighted, eg, "90144",, and the corresponding Category is in the bottom half of the Category chart, the chart doesn't scroll to reveal the highlighted Category. Here, the Category is "Envelopes," which, because it's in the bottom half of the Category chart, isn't shown.


If you don't already know what's being highlighted, you may not think anything is being highlighted at all. Aside from never using scroll-bars, I don't see any way around this issue WITHOUT using a filter action on the target sheet. This lack of functionality is especially concerning when trying to preserve space.


Edit: This occurs whether the target sheet is sorted or not.


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