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Conditionally Colored Cells

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Okay, admittedly there are many request for various aspects of conditional formatting. I'm sorry, I can't help it, here's one more.  I highlighted this exported Tableau crosstab in excel easy enough, but it would be easier to be able to perform this formatting directly in Tableau, so that it could be presented within a workbook presentation.


Followup Comments: As Joshua points out below there is a way to accomplish this through some jiggery pokery; creating calculated fields and changing field types to discrete.  It has been my experience on a number of occasions that backdoor solutions are available to many nonapparent formatting needs. However, as Matthew points out this is one (conditional formatting) that I would like to see more flexibility built into point and click/menu options.


Most will agree that it's very easy to get up and running in tableau, but in order to get to a point where workarounds to various tasks, for which there is no obvious solution, requires near data guru status. Thank goodness for the support forums.



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