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Shared DataSource Site within Tableau Server

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Within Tableau Server, a data source in one site can only be used by workbooks within that site. If there are multiple sites created, each needing access to the same data source, an Admin would need to place a copy of the same Data Source into each site.


This situation could create some big problems:

  1. The need to have multiple duplicates of the same data source on Tableau Server which means the need to have extra resources (hard drive space, memory and potentially cores if large data sources need to be duplicated and shared among multiple sites), and may increase server process time needed to extract the same data to update the same data source multiple times
  2. Keeping track of which data source is the most current - you may start wondering which site data source did I forget to update when I attempted to update all of them last week.


What I'd like to propose is a Shared DataSource site. If a data source is published to the Shared DataSource site, workbooks on any site on the server would have access to the data source; however, if a data source is published to any other site, that data source is only available to workbooks within the site it was published to.


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