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Ubertips need to either work in tandem with regular tooltips or have their own settings (Released in 9.0)

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This is in reference to this blog post I wrote:

VizWiz: Caution: When hiding the tooltip, Tableau doesn’t always hide the tooltip - Data Visualization Done Right


Basically there are tooltips, then there are ubertips.  Ubertips are those on columns and headers which you have absolutely no control over.  This can lead to some huge security holes if you're not aware of them. 


From Tableau Support:

"I understand that the tooltip command buttons have been disabled in a view. When clicking on a mark or data item in the view, the buttons do not appear, but when clicking on a column or row header (dimension) the buttons do appear.


This functionality is expected when clicking on row or column headers. These tooltips are called ubertips and are different from the tooltips displayed when clicking on a data mark. This functionality is the same in Tableau Desktop 7.0 and 8.0. At this time the ability to disable the command buttons on ubertips is not functionality built into the product."


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