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Please let us see the Tableau generated SQL sent to the database engine,

including option to copy the code, so we quickly can debug it in the source database.



It makes it easier to learn, debug, tune, share, and help in the forum.

I think in particular about the pain to debug and learn Jet SQL (Excel, CSV, etc) which is the main data source SQL for communicating data in the forums. Recently I struggled a lot to solve the Jet SQL message "too complex for Jet SQL".

Sharing the SQL code also opens the door for database tuning experts to suggest improvements to Tableau's SQL generation engine.



See print screen below. (Changed as suggested by Jonathan & Toby).

Show SQL v2.png


Show & Save SQL

Learning Tableau



[Note added by Jonathan Drummey 2017-01-10]


There are two ways to see the SQL in Tableau, these are available for both Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.

- The Tableau logs, for Tableau Desktop they are stored in ...\My Tableau Repository\Logs

- The Tableau Performance Recorder. Note that the Performance Recorder view only displays the first N lines of a query, however you can see the entire query by either making your own view or by copying it out of View Data and pasting it into a text editor.


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