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Multi-language support

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While browsing the different ideas proposed to Tableau Development for the above topic, it seemed to me that we Tableau users/customers tried to avoid the obvious, which is, in my humble opinion, the poor support to multi-language reports.


Why do we need workarounds to "somehow" implement multi-language reports? Why do we need to have a copy of each report in each language we need?


The reporting solution offered by Tableau could be designed with multi-language in mind. For the data, and for the static text.


Language could be a choice of the user. It could be a general option when running a report.


At the Data source level - The data source definition could be language specific, using translation mechanisms of the source data system. This will ensure that the name of the fields retrieved and the data is language specific. This could create extracts that are language specific, many extracts to one data source.


Static fields - The list of static fields and their translation could be loadable (from Excel / CVS?) (via Tableau Desktop?).


The list of aliases, filter values, etc could also be sensitive to the language chosen at runtime.


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