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Iterative Printing / PDF Creation Using Filter or Parameter

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Not having this has made life miserable this week. We need to have the ability to iteratively print a dashboard or view based on stepping through values in a filter or parameter. This would resolve scenarios where you want to be able to easily print (or PDF) several copies of the same dashboard / view with different content. In my scenario, I have a dashboard that can be filtered by hospital. In order to create a printable PDF for our CEO, I have to create/maintain 5 versions of the same dashboard (one for each hospital). If I could iteratively print, I would just set the iteration on the facility field and only maintain 1 dashboard.


P.S. Iterative subscriptions would also be a positive. You could even allow the remembered views to be used as the iteration field.



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Also refer to Duplicate idea #7401 ( 3 Votes )


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