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Filled map functionality for your country

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Hi all


Couldn't really find a similar idea to this, apologies if it does exist.


PROBLEM: Despite the fact that mapping functionality is a huge benefit and selling point, out-of-the-box functionality is very limited for non-US countries. All the training videos are US-centric and it all looks wonderfully easy - one double-click and bam, you have your map, right down to a very granular level if you want.    However, I'm in the UK and mapping anything in detail first involves research on a 3rd party blog and an associated headache... 


I have read somewhere that broadening the mapping function to cover other countries would dramatically increase the size and complexity of the "out-of-the-box" Tableau product.  I do get this point.  However, filled mapping was one of the features that got Tableau through the door in our organisation and we were pretty disappointed to see that actually we didn't get what we thought we paid for.


SOLUTION: In the manner of downloadable-content, develop the full mapping capacity as modules you can download later, so users can choose the mapping capacity they need.  Tableau can develop these modules in order of importance of international markets and release them as and when they can.  E.g. UK, Germany, China, India, etc.  I don't think users will mind waiting if they know where their country is on the development road-map





P.S. As with most of the ideas on the forum, while workarounds are possible nothing beats integrated and polished raw functionality


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