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Auto-Scramble/Encrypt Sensitive Data

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I may be way out there on this one, but as a newbie working with sensitive information, I find myself wanting the help of forum members often.  However, because I am working with dashboards that were created before I got into them--and because they contain sensitive/personal information, I find it difficult (and sometimes impossible) to recreate the problem I am seeing with sample data.  As a result, I have resorted to using screenshots to request help, which I can only imagine is annoying to other members in the community.


So, I propose an "auto scramble" or "encrypt" option.  I don't know how this would work exactly but I'd love to have a way to change data easily in a workbook and be able to post packaged workbooks with the scrambled data.


Again, this may be totally unrealistic and I know there are methods available for me to do this myself, but it would be an awesome feature in my opinion!


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