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Display Timezones

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Our company operates off Market Hours - mainly in EST.  The Tableau Server environment does not display timezones when it relates to date/time - specifically schedules.  As an administrator, when I create a Schedule, it's important to have the timezone displayed so users know what date/time it's scheduled to run (and can adjust accordingly).


Example:  I am testing Tableau 8 (e-mail notifications).  I subscribed to a report to be delivered to me at 6:00am.  I received the e-mail at 3am the next day.  I was confused for a moment and realized the server is based on EST, but being located in Phoenix, I assumed I would receive the e-mail at the time displayed.


I'm sure there are other examples of how this can be an issue.  Adding the designation PST, CT, MST to append to the date/time in areas would be quite helpful.


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