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Improved server license model for medium size companies

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Make it possible for medium size companies to use Tableau Server company-wide for a fair price.



Plan A: The best would be a fair price based on the size and business sector of a company.

This might be difficult to administrate and negotiate and probably not something Tableau Company is interested in.

That said, I think Tableau already does this in some degree by offering negotiated discounts.


Plan B: Offer a variety of licenses based on distinct users per time period.

This is similar to concurrent users (CAL), but based on longer usage frequencies:


NALNamed Access LicenseThis is offered today
HALHourly Access LicenseThis is similar to concurrent access license (CAL)
DALDaily Access LicenseDistinct number of users in a day (24 hours)
WALWeekly Access LicenseDistinct number of users in a week
MALMonthly Access LicenseDistinct number of users in a month
QALQuarterly Access LicenseDistinct number of users in a quarter
YALYearly Access LicenseDistinct number of users in a year


Plan C:  Tickets valid for a short period of time such as an hour, day, week, or month. See more  here  and  here.


Plan D:  Licenses based on number of dashboards rendered. See examples  here.


Plan E:  Viewer license with limited interactivity as suggested  here  and commented  herehere,  and  here  below.


Plan F:  Viewer license with no interactivity besides showing the view as suggested  here  in comment below.



A. Because current price model discourages company wide use of Tableau.

For small companies and consultants, the price for Tableau Desktop is acceptable, and the same is probably true for big companies who can buy a company wide server license, but none of these apply to "medium" size companies who have to choose named Server licenses or drop Tableau all together.


B. Because current price model makes it difficult to get a foothold in developers' and companies' door.

In "smaller" companies the Tableau developer is likely also the developer of "the-other-good-enough-reporting-tool" which the non-Tableau users use. The more time he spends in "the-other-tool", the less he spends making dashboards in Tableau. The cognitive load on developers to specialize in various reporting tools limits his Tableau skills. Since the-other-reporting-tool has more users, it likely also has more requests, which causes the developer to spend more time there rather than developing dashboards in Tableau. The result might be that Tableau neither gets a foothold inside developers' (lack of time) nor users' door (lack of dashboards).


Why not

A more flexible license is a win-win situation, because Tableau will earn more, and the customer can fully embrace Tableau.





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