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Dynamic settings of settings

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Add events that use calculations to read & write (get & set) all settings in all worksheet and dashboard dialogs.



I don't know exactly how, but I picture events available in e.g. axis, reference lines, field sorting, and quick filters working together with calculations, that have read & write access to various settings. I think about something similar to events in Microsoft Access, except much simpler.



It could be a powerful alternative to various ideas about dynamic this and dynamic that, such as, dynamic axis titles, dynamic column aliases, dynamic sorting, dynamic reference lines, dynamic min/max axis, dynamic start/end of date axis, and so the list goes on, until every setting in Tableau is dynamic. This could be a powerful alternative that solves everything at once.



GetSetting Function

Set multiple filters in one step

Action buttons

Dynamic sheet selection in dashboard

dynamic start and end for date axis

dynamic reference lines for date axis

Ability to set minimum OR maximum axis

Allowing to set the default value for parameter

Dynamically Set Dashboard Image

Tie "Show Header" to a Parameter

... and probably 100+ more ideas requesting similar things that could be done if we had dynamic settings of settings.


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