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Redirect login page when using trusted ticket to an alternate url

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TITLE: Allow for alternate default Tableau login page via redirection


REQUEST: Make the default Tableau login page redirect the users' browser to an alternate login URL that the Tableau administrator configures, so that when using trusted tickets for authentication, the administrator can configure the default Tableau login page to invisibly redirect  (for the web user) to the authentication page of their choice.


BONUS POINTS: If the Tableau login page is returned to the user based on a request for another unauthorized view, capture the URL of the Tableau view originally requested and pass it as an argument appended to the redirected replacement login URL, so that Trusted Ticket page can redirect the end user to the originally requested page after the authentication is completed.


MAJOR BONUS POINTS: allow the web page used for the Tableau Desktop login to Server to also be redirected so that administrators can easily setup Trusted Tickets for the entire user base.


The problem: many customers use LDAP or another system for authentication, and want to use trusted tickets to do all authentication, not just for a singular page. So they turn on unrestricted tickets, and build (or leverage) an alternate login page which does a trusted ticket exchange. But then they have to setup a reverse proxy or similar to "intercept" the Tableau login page, or instruct their users to enter some URL for login, and then risk having copied URL links to server views fail. Having a simple redirect replace the Tableau login page would allow them to simply push login requests to their own authentication system.


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