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Dimensionally Modeled Extracts

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Add special fact & dimension server extracts designed to work efficiently together, so data development only needs to be made once. This would advance Tableau by leaps and bounds as an Enterprise solution.


Being a built-in feature should make it easier to:

  • optimize performance
  • include all extract functionality (Median, CountD, etc)
  • learn and use



The main benefits are:

  • Simplifies data & authoring
  • Saves a lot of time in data preparation & maintenance
  • Saves time in report authoring
  • Saves time in daily data refreshes
  • Saves a lot of disk space
  • Automates grouping of columns (vs current disorder)
  • Lessens need of data warehouses (outside Tableau)
  • Reduces development & license costs (all above saves time & money)
  • Common dimensions across facts makes it easier to  filter across multiple data sources



I picture the user interface to look similar to mock-up below with dimension tables being collapsible and collapsed as default. Opening the fact extract Fact Sales automatically selects all dimension extracts associated with the Fact Sales extract, that is, finding dimension extract is not something report author needs to worry about.

Dimensionally Modeled Extracts.png


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