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export csv crosstab using tabcmd

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Taken from support question:


Re: export csv crosstab using tabcmdIs it possible to use tab command to export a cross tab to a csv file?  I can get tabcmd to export to csv, but the crosstab layout is lost, and results are list a list of data with columns mashed into the rows.


I'd like to output to be exactly like the results when you choose export data through the toolbar on a report running in server.

tabcmd export -t site "OptStatus/KeywordsbyDate?" --csv -f "c:\1_Customer Data\emailReports\Keyword by Day.csv"



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--> Export a CSV of underlying data using Tabcmd export or get

Note: the underlying summary data is exported rather than the crosstab itself, therefore crosstab formatting may be lost (such as column order, orientation of rows and columns, etc.).


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