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Change Application Intent to "Read-Only" in Native Database Connectors

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It would be great to specify an Application Intent of "Read Only" when connecting to data sources like Microsoft SQL Server 2012.


The use case I have encountered is:


  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has a feature called AlwaysOn Availability Groups.
  2. A database operations team would like this feature to redirect Tableau to a read-only mirror server with extra RAM, which will also reduce the chances of Tableau reports clashing with an ETL tool that writes to the database.
  3. The only way for this redirection to occur is if Tableau queries are sent with an Application Intent of "Read-Only."
  4. This setting can be set with the Generic ODBC conenctor.  However, the database operations team does not want to lose the functionality of Tableau's native Microsoft SQL Server connector.


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