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Multi-pass Aggregations

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I'm not sure why I can't find an idea already for this, however I thought this would be a great improvement to Tableau, as I want to do this all the time.

I would like to easily be able to run multi-pass aggregations. I have a dataset that has 1 row per order. I can sum them up by customer, to see a customer's total order history. That's great. But now I want to run a histogram to visualize this, at the customer level (not order level) - so I want to see bins of customer order totals to see if our best customers are 80% of our business. I can't figure out an easy way to do this without dumping to Excel and reconnecting to Tableau as a new, static data source.


Or it would be nice to pre-aggregate the data in Tableau. I would like to spend time on the analysis, not the data prep.


Please let me know what I'm missing. If this functionality doesn't exist...then please vote this up. Who's with me?


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