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Color Palettes: Be able to apply colors based upon item order

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Use case:

A user selects 10 items from a quick filter list containing 50 items to display the selected items in a viz.


Behind the scenes a color palette is applied to those 50 items and each item is "assigned" a color based upon its specific value.


Office Machines = blue

Copiers & Faxes = green

Bookcases = yellow

Appliances = red

Paper = light red

Labels = lighter red

Rubber Bands = purple

Pens = grey

Storage = teal

Rulers = orange


When lists have a large amount of members (eg. 50) eventually colors will be assigned to a selected item that either repeat another item's color or are very, very similar in color. In practice most users only select 5-10 items at a time from large lists. The problem is depending on the items the user picks they may end up with a viz that has very little no contrast - (eg from above red, light red, lighter red, yellow, orange)


Much more preferable to ensure a high contrast of colors on a viz is the option to have colors rendered based upon  item order.

Example: If a user selects any 6 items from a list of 50 then no matter which items picked the colors used by the viz would be:

Item 1 = blue

Item 2 = yellow

Item 3 = green

Item 4 = red

Item 5 = gray

Item 6 = purple


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