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The Visual Tableau Dictionary

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Please create a visual dictionary that explains Tableau terminology and more in pictures and text.



It makes it easier to learn Tableau

It eases community communication

It could be used as reference for Tableau terminology in the forums, ideas, documentation, Tableau Desktop help, etc

It could also act as a categorized portal to various content on Tableau's website and forums



A wiki style format is my preference

Section for further studies at the bottom with links to knowledge base, videos, workbooks, ideas, questions, etc




Tableau's website

Parts of the View


The Tableau Workspace

The Tableau Workspace.png


Online Visual Dictionaries

Plant cell

Men's shoes


OBS. Tableau has a Textual Glossary which would be nice to have as a Visual Glossary.



Visual Cues and Icons in Tableau Desktop


2014-10-13   Blend vs. UNION

2014-07-30   The specified item was not found.

2013-12-20   Naming Conventions.


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