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Exclude Current Period from Filter Relative Date

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Tableau's ability to define relative dates for filters (i.e., the last 6 months) is handy when creating charts to review historical metrics.  I typically want to look at the last 7 days of data, or the past 4 weeks, or the past 6 months, or something like that, and the relative date allows me to create a dynamic chart that always shows the "current" data.


When early in the "new" period (day, week, month, etc.), Tableau ends the relative date range at the end of the previous period.  However, at some point when you move further into the period, Tableau includes the current period -- including dates in the future -- in the relative date range.  It's kind-of unintuitive when this happens, and the inconsistent behavior is unfortunate.


Sometimes you want to include the current period in the relative date range and sometimes you don't, but the choice is typically intentional, whereas the current behavior seems not.


I propose adding a checkbox to the Filter's Relative Date dialog box that allows you to explicitly specify the behavior.  Something like, "Exclude current month" (or whatever the period's label).  This solution works both for "last" and "next" date ranges.




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